We engage via our Zero Cost Security Posture Assessment  of your company
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"Our mission is to bring together the best advisors, best tools, and best processes to give our customers the best cybersecurity umbrella."
Our services are tailored to meet your cybersecurity needs
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We take data feeds from 100’s of source solutions, such as your firewall or threat management system and via AI based intelligence, automation and the human touch:

  • Monitor
  • Pattern Track
  • Remediate
  • Respond to
  • Analyse
  • Threat Hunt
  • Automate
  • Report on
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"We believe that for you to focus on your business, you need a trained team of eyes and ears on your cybersecurity threat landscape, 24x7."

Our Difference

  • No rip-and-replace needed to use us. We monitor what technology you already have.
  • Zero Cost initial Security Posture Assessment.
  • Advice and guidance from trained enterprise Chief Information Security Officers.
  • Enterprise grade security monitoring at SMB price points.
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) staffed with 100% vetted, US-based security analyst.
  • No fee security automation platform included, giving you exponential ROI.
"This isn’t marketing hype. It's honest, transparent, ethical and simple. We stand by our service."

The Services

Our AI and Human, 7x24 occupied SOC

Managed SIEM

Real-time analysis, identification and categorization of security alerts and aggregated log data, generated by applications and network hardware.

Endpoint Management

The ability to centrally discover, provision, deploy, update, and troubleshoot endpoint devices within an organization.

24/7 SOC

Real-time security monitoring, detecting, alerting, analysis and pro-active threat hunting, using machine learning, AI and eyes on human input.


Security Orchestration Automation and Response. Threat and vulnerability detection, management, security incident response and security operations automation.


User Entity Behavior Analytics, a process used to detect and track all users and entities and expose what may be evidence of compromise, insider threats, or risky behavior.

vCISO Consulting

Out-sourced Chief Information Security Officer providing Risk and Vulnerability assessments, gap analysis Compliance (i.e HIPAA) and advisory services.

Threat Hunting

The proactive search of networks to detect and isolate advanced threats and indicators of compromise that evade existing security solutions.

MFA / 2FA / Email & Web Security

Multi or 2 factor authentication (i.e. a code texted to a cell to logon) and proactive measures to enhance, secure and improve email systems and web traffic.

Killchain Probing

Tracing stages of a cyberattack from early reconnaissance to the exfiltration of data to combat ransomware, security breaches, advanced persistent attacks etc.

Remote Access

Assessment and analysis of the best centralized methods for security, policies and management of users working outside of an office.

Social Engineering

Providing awareness of how to gain information using clever tactics without a person or company’s knowledge to use against a company or target and individual.

Governance & Compliance

Regulatory Compliance & Cyber Programs designed to meet requirements for NIST, SOX or SOC2 for example.

Pen Testing

Using ethical hacking methods to simulate a cyber-attack against your system in order to find vulnerabilities to exploit.

Phishing Awareness

Ongoing advisory, guidance and training of users to learn to identify attempts by attackers, via the user, to gain access to a network.

"Blue Canyon has unique approaches that set us apart"

The How

We engage via our Zero Cost Security Posture Assessment of your company

We invest our time with no cost commitment on you to understand your landscape, advise, guide, direct and recommend.

We have access to a network of MSPs and cyber-solutions’ providers.

We provide you with access to all the certified experts and specialists you need; CISM, CRISC, Data Analysts, CISSP, SOX, HIPPA…..

Our Partners

We are partnered with a leading (voted by one organization as a Top 100 Global MSSP) cybersecurity 24/7 SOC, Cyflare.

We are embedded with Sidechannel, a CISO and Cybersecurity firm with unbeatable pedigree; NIST experts, US Cyber Command specialists, the list is extensive.

"Our mission is to bring together the best advisors, best tools, and best processes to give our customers the best cybersecurity umbrella."

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